Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Infinite Night Teaser # 2

The stars were disappearing.
One by one, their soft twinkle faded into the dark abyss. Kennedy stared out the window, watching her hopes and dreams dim with the constellations. The loneliness was suffocating. She had never felt more isolated, more estranged from the universe. She pressed her hand against her heart, feeling her chest ache with heaviness.
You left me here in the dark.
She wasn’t sure where the thought had come from or why she felt like this.
A hand touched her shoulder, and she gasped. She spun around too quickly, nearly tripping in the process. His arms came around her waist, steadying her.
Phoenix.” She gasped his name.
Her heart pounded as she met his piercing black eyes. The sharp, intimidating angles of his face softened, but there was sadness in his gaze. A quiet, desolate sadness.
Her eyes roamed over him, drinking him up. She touched his face, wanting to make sure he was real. If it was possible, he looked more handsome than she remembered.
There it was.
A memory.
It edged out of the confines of her mind, reminding her of something. Reminding her that…
She looked around, noticing her surroundings. The pool, the skylights up above. They were standing in the recreation center on Olympus.
But they weren’t really here.
This wasn’t her Phoenix. And it would only be a matter of time before this one would disappear too. “Not again,” she whispered...

Available 08/08/17

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