The Twelfth Keeper

When sixteen-year-old Kennedy Mitchell is proclaimed the world’s last keeper, she thinks it’s a cruel joke. Come on- her? Impossible. She’s no warrior. She isn’t wise beyond her years, or more importantly, capable of keeping Earth safe. one will listen. And since all evidence says otherwise, the job is hers whether she likes it or not.

During the highly demanding training regime that follows, Kennedy struggles to fit in with Earth’s renowned protectors. Especially Phoenix Jorgensen, who openly despises her. Problem is, he may be the only one she can trust. The keepers have big secrets surrounding them. Secrets Kennedy isn’t comfortable knowing, much less being apart of. With Phoenix’s help, she’ll have to find a way out.

Either that, or die trying.

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The Twelfth Keeper



“You’re smiling.”

“That, I am.”

“You said you wouldn’t smile again until we found her.”

The general pressed a button. A three-dimensional image of a young girl appeared. Wild, auburn hair. Bright aquamarine eyes, glinting with all the colors and ferocity of a tidal wave. “Jorgensen, we have found her. This is the twelfth.”

Chilling tingles iced down Phoenix Jorgensen’s spine. He froze, paralyzed, stricken by disbelief. So many questions filled his mind, but he couldn’t push the words from his lips. He could barely remember to breathe.

All he could do was stare.

He stood motionless, breathless, staring at the girl’s image.

It couldn’t be true.

She couldn’t be the one.

She was just...a girl. Nothing special or extraordinary there. In her image, she looked pensive. Her mouth curved up just slightly. Almost a smile, but not quite. What do you find so fascinating?

Phoenix felt his hand twitch. He lifted it to her rosy cheek. Light splayed around his fingers, disrupting the image.

He pulled back, his stomach twisting. “Why did you send for me, General?”
A few moments passed before Phoenix heard an answer.

“I’ve chosen you to confirm this discovery, Jorgensen. I assume you’ll feel it when you’re in her presence?”

Of course. The feeling.

It had been so long since he felt it, he’d almost forgotten. If the girl truly was the twelfth, he would feel it again. He would feel...whole.

“Yes, sir,” Phoenix answered. “I’ll know if it’s her.”

“Good to hear, Jorgensen.” The general clapped him on the back. “You leave at once.”

The sound of footsteps echoed down the hall as the general departed. Phoenix stayed behind, unable to turn off the image just then. Unable to watch those expressive eyes fade away. Unable to wrap his head around the girl standing before him. This was not how he imagined her.

Nothing special.

He sighed, giving into the belief that he just might be delusional.


  1. Please write a 3rd book! This was starting to be my favorite series then j was left hanging :-(

    1. Working on a October release now! Hope you enjoy it!

  2. When are you planning in writing book 3? This is my favourite series and I can't wait for the next installment! X

    1. Working on an October release! I'm thrilled to hear you enjoyed the series! Hope you enjoy the 3rd just as much!

  3. I just finished book 3 and am hoping this is not the end!! Are you going to be writing a book 4?? If so when??

    1. Book 4 will be released in July :) I'm glad you are enjoying the series!

  4. When will Book 5 be released! I have been checking to see any updates every week because I am just so In love with the Twelfth Keeper Series . Please please please update us soon on book 5 and tell us when you plan to release or if you are releasing . Thank you so so much for you amazing and life saving works of writing

    1. Thank you for checking back! I'm glad you liked the series :D Book 5 is coming, I promise. This one will be longer, and I want it to be perfect, which is why I don't have a definite release date yet. But as soon as I do, I will let you know <3

  5. Is there a book six coming because I am stuck hanging on "They are coming back to Earth." Please tell me there is book six. I am not sure if there even is a book five. But I think I read it.