Saturday, February 4, 2017

Infinite Night

Will there be a fourth book in the Twelfth Keeper series? 

The answer is YES! I'm working on it now. It's called Infinite Night

Infinite Night (Twelfth Keeper #4)

There will also be a fifth book.

Most likely, that will be the final book. 

So when will the fourth book be released? 

The good news is this one will not take as long as the last one did. You can expect to see this one available around May-June. 

What happens in IN?

If you finished Ocean of Stars, you know Infinite Night will be VERY different than the first three. But you know, spoilers ;) 




  1. Can't wait!!!!! I'll be checking Amazon for pre sale!

  2. Absolutely love this series, cannot wait for the next one!!