Friday, December 23, 2016

Ocean of Stars Teaser #2

Kennedy swallowed, instinctively knowing what it would feel like to wear this dress. It would be light. Airy. Like being wrapped in a misty cloud…but how could she know that?

“I’m catching a rise in your heart rate, cupcake. Is the gown overwhelming you with excitement or is something else going on?” 

It used to bother Kennedy how effortlessly a robot could read her emotions. Matilda knew her better than most humans, and there was something a little creepy about that. Her perceptiveness was growing on her though. Talking to Matilda felt like talking to an old friend. An old friend that calculated her moods and expressions with better precision than a psychoanalyst, but in an endearing, familiar sort of way. 

And in the dress’s case, Matilda was dead on. Time was hurling backward. 

I’ve seen this dress before.” 

“You’re not getting enough oxygen to your brain,” the android admonished. “I suggest you sit down and take a few deep breaths.” 

Bursts of images raced through Kennedy’s head. The overwhelming déjà vu pummeled into her so hard it made her nauseous. “The dreams …I was wearing this in my dreams with Phoenix.” 

“The ones you told me about? With the crumbling ceiling and the pool that overflowed?” 

She dropped the dress so quickly, it was as if it were on fire, the fabric pooling in a puddle at her feet. She stared down at it, her mind scrambling to figure out a rational explanation. 

Except there wasn’t one. “This can’t be happening. Those dreams can’t come true.”

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  1. Just finished it. Wow, it's so good!! Can't wait for the next book