Thursday, March 21, 2013

Teaser for TK2

Hi Friends! 

I decided to surprise you all with a teaser for TK2. Horrible abbreviation--I know. But if you've read my blog in the past, you know how I am with titles. (I'm currently debating between two different ones I like and as usual I'm being extremely indecisive.) 

I don't have a release date yet to give you guys yet. I'm still in the process of finishing it. But I'm hoping to release the final version sometime in May. Please excuse any errors. This excerpt hasn't seen an editor yet. Hope you enjoy :)

Kennedy's body froze in its crouched position, unable to move a muscle. Seriously, what kind of keeper was she, if she couldn’t manage a simple eavesdropping without getting busted?
To add to her mortification, Phoenix opened the door, looked around, and then down. His wide-eyed gaze roamed over her, and not in the well lookie what we have here sort of way. It was more of the No way am I seeing this sort of way.
Kennedy squeezed her eyes shut, praying that this wasn’t happening, that she’d never been caught and Phoenix wasn’t standing there staring at her in shock.
For a second it was so quiet, she thought maybe it was all her imagination, and maybe she wasn’t a complete idiot. They never caught her because she never spied on them in the first place. No one could be so stupid. Or so lame.
She opened her eyes. Dammit if he wasn’t still there, leaning against the doorframe with his arms folded loosely over his chest. He stared at her curiously, probably making a mental list of about a million different ways he could incinerate her. Knowing him, there was a handy lighter in his pocket, too, just itching to make an appearance.
Never mind. She was a complete idiot.
Before he had the chance to figure out whether or not to burn her to death, she casually stood up and brushed herself off. Keeping her head held high was difficult when all she wanted to do was look at the floor in shame. Meeting Phoenix’s gaze was out of the question. She could only imagine him piercing her with those pitch black eyes, and it would undoubtedly be her breaking point.
Walking straight into the office might have avoided more embarrassment, but he blocked her entrance. He wasn’t letting her get away so easily.
 “I think the professor wants to see me.” She forced each word out, and still it sounded no higher than a squeaky whisper.
He leaned towards her, pausing by her ear. “I should be angry with you.” Scents of warm things, like burning cedar and sunshine, took over her senses. His hushed voice sent tingles soaring across her neck. It was insane that even now she could be so attracted to him when that was probably the last thing on his mind. “You knew this meeting was private.”
He had mentioned that. Which was so stupid of him, really, because it only made her want know why it was private.
His words, however, implied he wasn’t angry, and they gave her the courage to finally look him in the eye. “You’re not mad?”
“Why not?” She couldn’t have stuck her foot farther in her mouth. Why, oh why, couldn’t she have dropped it at no?
Oh yeah. Because she was a complete idiot.
“I’m leaving in the morning, and I don’t have time to be angry with you, not when all I want to do is spend the rest of today kissing every curve of this incredible mouth.” He held a finger to her lips, and her heart leaped against her chest.
Hmm. She was sorta happy she hadn’t dropped it now.
And then his words rammed into her like a bowling ball to the chest. “Wait, you're leaving tomorrow?”
He looked up at the ceiling and then back at her, and she could see that he didn’t want to tell her this. 


  1. I.Can't. Wait. Will you be releasing ARC copies of this?

  2. Oh my God. That chemistry o.o I just heard of you today, and I think I'll be moving your books, newly added, from my "to-read" list, straight to my "currently-reading" list. Yowza. If I get tingles just reading this excerpt, can't wait to read your books! :P

    Thanks so much for sharing~

    - Esther

  3. Hurry up already :-p The waiting is killing me!